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uxHH: Sebastian Deterding on Gamification

2012-12-04 00:34:37

Today the User Experience Roundtable Hamburg (in cooperation with the local IxDA) hosted a talk by Sebastian Deterding titled "9.5 Theses on Gamification" (Sebastian has information on earlier iterations of the same talk available online). For me it's been the first uxHH Roundtable for a good couple of months, but this topic with this speaker I couldn't pass up.

So I just got back from there and I'm pretty tired, but I have some unfinished thoughts rummaging around my head that I'd risk losing by going to sleep. They might not be excessively polished (or even necessarily cohesive), but I'm going to take the red pill and embrace the now-famous Edmund Snow Carpenter quote: "[C]lear speaking is generally obsolete thinking. Clear statement is like an art object: it is the afterlife of the process which called it into being. The process itself is the significant step and, especially at the beginning, is often incomplete and uncertain." So please bear with me, this blog entry is not an attempt at a scientific paper.

Playful Design

2012-07-27 17:26:51

Last week I was talking to the current professor for HCI at the University of Hamburg in his office, and among the current set of books that he was asked to assess for inclusion in our department's library, something caught my eye. I recognized the cover design of John Ferrara's Playful Design, published very recently by Rosenfeld Media. That was pretty exciting for me, since I had been looking forward to that book for a while, to the extent that I recommended it in a recent talk about gamification, just on the basis of the introductory article at UX Magazine. This occassion presented me with a chance to actually read the whole thing, so here's what came of that.

Gamification – Stand der Dinge

2012-07-02, Fachbereich Informatik, Universität Hamburg

Gamification – Stand der Dinge

Dieser Gastvortrag wurde im Rahmen der Vorlesung "Interaktionsdesign" gehalten, die von Prof. Dr. Kindsmüller veranstaltet wurde.

In 15 Minuten habe ich einen Überblick über Konzept und Grenzen der Gamification gegeben. Nach einer allgemeinen Begriffsklärung habe ich das Prinzip an einem Beispiel veranschaulicht und mit Hilfe des Gartner Hype Cycle die Probleme erörtert, die der Gamification derzeit vorgeworfen werden. Abschließend habe ich einen kurzen Ausblick in den Bereich des Game Design gewagt.

Musik: McFarland Beats - Slipped, used under CC-BY


2011-06-29, Fachbereich Informatik, Universität Hamburg


Dieser Vortrag wurde als der erste von drei kurzen ergänzenden Vorträgen in der Vorlesung Interaktionsdesign gehalten.

Ich habe einen Einblick und Denkanstoß in das Thema "Gamification" gegeben und erläutert, wieso man auf die Idee kommt, spielerische Elemente in Anwendungssoftware einzubringen. Die Diskussion mit den Teilnehmern über mögliche Einsatzzwecke und weitere Beispiele rundete das Ganze ab.